About Ensenada?

Ensenada was founded in 1882, it is located at Baja California’s peninsula, a border with California in the U.S. Ensenada is a commercial and tourist port that welcomes its visitors from all over the globe because of its well known wine tourism offer, gastronomy, beaches, ecotourism, as well as its night life, craft beer pubs, and businesses regarding the agricultural, fishing, and scientific sectors.

The sun and beach tourism is present all year, with weather temperatures from 14℃ to 24℃ with bathers, surf, sailing and fishing.

How to get to Ensenada?

Ensenada counts with Gral. Div. P. A. Alberto L. Salinas Carranza International Airport, which is for civil use in El Ciprés military base. Regarding commercial flights, nearby airports are located at:

  • City
  • Tijuana, B.C.
  • San Diego, CA
  • Los Ángeles, CA
  • Distance
  • 104 km
  • 135 km
  • 323 km

The Highway that connects us with Tijuana’s Airport and the border with California is known as “Escénica” because of its majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. There’s a toll free highway and a toll highway that has two lanes per way, this one has an approximate cost of $132.00 M.N. (Mexican pesos)

Where to stay?

Lodging options are diverse in budget and experience.
Some of the available options that will have transportation logistics for the Congress are: